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What safety measures will you be taking for shooting in dă Space?

  • We made sure that none of the Diud team members or the people they’ve been in contact with had any COVID-19 symptoms
  • We will clear the air and clean the space entirely before and after the shooting
  • All surfaces and the equipment will be properly cleansed before using
  • We will provide sanitizer, single-use masks and gloves. Wearing these is mandatory throughout the whole shooting process, starting with the moment of your arrival and until you leave.

How do I know if any of the people involved in the shooting have been diagnosed with COVID-19?

All teams using Dă Space will send us, in advance, a list of all the people who will be coming here. If anyone shows symptoms after the shooting, we will be notified. We will then check the list and will notify all those who came in contact with or entered dă Space during that day.

What are the benefits of dă Space?

  • The studio has 350 square meters
  • Big windows, therefore, a lot of natural light
  • The option of blackout in case it is needed
  • The movable walls can be customized according to your needs. We can improvise any type of room (e.g. usable kitchen, living room, bathroom, industrial space etc.)
  • Parking space in the courtyard of the building and also nearby

How much does it cost?

Renting dă Space can only be done for at least 6 hours, with a price of 50 EUR/hour.

What projects will you be taking in?

We are doing our best to accommodate all projects and to find efficient solutions for them. We will be working either at dă Space, in small teams, with more shooting days or we will be making post-production videos with the teams back home. So, if you have any project or idea, drop us a message and we will find a way to work it out.

Where can I find you?

You can find us on Turda 48 Street, second floor, district 1, Bucharest

Is there a fee I should pay in advance?

We do not require a deposit. All you have to do is make the reservation by telephone or by email at hub@daspace.ro

Are there any extra costs that I should know about?

A cleaning and electricity fee will be added to the initial cost.

What restrictions are there inside dă Space?

There are no restrictions, but you do, however, have to leave it as you found it – clean and undamaged.

How can I check the availability of dă Space?

Online or by telephone (0735 069 207)

Can I see the space before making up my mind?

We will be happy to have you, but do not forget to give us a call beforehand and tell us when you want to pay us a visit.

How about the cancellation fees?

Cancellation fees might apply, depending on when the cancellation occurs. We will not charge you if you cancel with at least 72 hours in advance of the shooting, however if you do it:

  • with 48 hours in advance, you will have to pay 50% of the fee;
  • with 24 hours in advance, you will be charged full price.